Squall vs. Lightning, Theory wins

Theory vs. Ion
It has probably been through all the blogs that 1st Act are having a simwide hunt, but being the geek I am, I couldn't resist to write my own post about it.
The prizes are four full avatars of popular video game characters: Big Boss and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid (not shown) and Squall and Lightning from Final Fantasy. Lightning is the only female character, but all of them are very well-made, with lots of detail and come as full avatars, including outfits, shape, skin, hair, eyes and even some gestures. Each box also includes an updater card that allows you to get future updates of the avatars.
To get the avatars, you have to pick up a HUD at the 1st Act mainstore and wear it (there is one HUD for each of the avatars). Each HUD needs to be filled with seven shards. When you click an empty shard on the HUD, you will receive a hint where to find it and in which area of the sim (the store, the city or the wasteland). Use the teleporters in the mainstore to get down to the city and wasteland. When you have found the item the hint leads to, you have to click it and it will spawn a shard you have to click to collect. Once you have found all the shards, you will receive a teleport back to the store where you can pick up your prize. The hunt was really fun and not too hard. Despite the sim being packed with people, the scripts worked very well and I didn't have any trouble at all. Just make sure you wear only one HUD at a time when collecting the avatars.

The picture shows me dressed up as Lightning (using my own shape, skin, eyes and tattoos) and Corvus Szpiegel's character Ion dressed up as Squall (using his own shape, skin, eyes and hair). We fooled around a bit with poses and came up with this. It reminded me a bit of classical fighting games like Street Fighter 2, and I tried *coughs* to add a bit of a game interface to the picture. And no worries, I didn't hurt him.

The breakdown is very short this time:

On Theory: 1st Act - Lightning -- free hunt gift
On Ion: 1st Act - Squall -- free hunt gift

Pose: [Lyndz-Matic] - Wipeout -- L$ 120 (we used Corv's poseballs)

Everything was free (for me) and I still have L$ 119 left.

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