OotW 08 / 2011 - A day off...

Today I took a day off and decided to visit the island of Roche.
It is sparesly populated and the few buildings scattered across the island have a worn and weatherbeaten look to them. The local bakery (seen in the background) also runs a free bike rental service for tourists. I took a stroll down to the lake instead and had a charming picnic, accompanied only by a few sheep who did not take any interest in me at all.

Time flew by as I lay idle, reading a cheesy novel instead of medical textbooks for a change, and way too soon it was time to return home. Not willing to accept this beautiful day was over already, I kicked off my shoes, sat down at the pier and watched as the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon.

For this week's outfit, I chose a light, feminine look. Both the light pink shirt and the pumps are from Berries Inc. The lovely, elegant Belinda pumps are the current Lazy Sunday item, each pair is only L$ 60!
I combined both with a pair of white capris, that were part of a former group gift from Cilian'gel. I don't think, it is still available, but Cilia Shepherd always has a little something for her group members up her sleeve and a large selection of outfits for just L$ 10.
The white hoodie jacket from Grixdale was free for the SLB8 celebrations for a very limited time. They are available in different colours for L$150 each. I'm also wearing my old favourite necklace from Bare@Rose, which I blogged here. I think this is a very versatile look, somewhere between classy and casual.

As usual, here is an overview of my outfit:

Hoodie: Grixdale - My Sunshiney Hoodie - Pure -- free for SL8B
Shirt: Berries Inc. - Basic Shirt - Rose -- L$ 110 (*)
Capris: Cilian'gel -  Got my heart? -- group gift, L$ 10 joining fee
Pumps: Berries Inc. - Belinda - choco -- L$ 60 (*)

(*) review copies

The pictures were taken at Roche and my home, poses used belonged to the picnic table and fishing pier.

I actually joined the Cilian'gel group ages ago, but the fee is L$10 and I shall count them against my shopping limit. I have L$ 109 for now.

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