OotW 07 / 2011 - DOLLarbie

Outfit of the Week 07 / 2011
Please excuse the pun. I'm quite excited today, though, both because this really cute doll avatar cost me just a dollar (as in L$ 1), and because I finally managed to do something different than my more or less nerdy casual style.
As you can see in the picture, I'm a bit exhausted by now. Hunting for the outfit was easy enough, but finding a good spot for the photo wasn't, especially since I am currently experimenting with Firestorm. The beta is a lot more stable than the preview version, but I crashed several times before I was able to take this pic. I won't complain, though, since it is still beta.

Now to the outfit. The hair is from Crimson + Clover. As far as I know, the store sadly closed inworld a while ago, but some of her stuff is still available on the marketplace and this hairdo is can be found in two shades of red for a mere L$ 1 at Savoir Hair. For those of you who are not familiar with the place: a lot of hair designers offer a sample of their products there, either for free or L$1. It's perfect for new residents to get legit, quality hair and there are a lot of styles to chose from. One hint about the hair: it has a ton of scripts in it you don't need. Let Tools->Remove Scripts in Selection run over it a couple times to get rid of them. The rest of the outfit is actually from the Marketplace. If you scroll down on the marketplace main page, then click on "Best Selling Products", enter 0 and 0 (zero, null) into the text fields for price range and click on "Refine Search", you will get a selection of the most popular items that are entirely free! Some of it might be land listings and you will sure see a lot of demos, but there are some real gems there, too!

Ahem... rant ahead:
The lowest predefined price range is L$0-10, and I've seen a lot of people call these "freebies", but personally, I refuse to call anything free that isn't. Maybe I'm just weird that way. It's not that I mind to pay for a nice item, cheapie or not, but if it's not free, don't call it freebie, please. I've seen so called freebies for up to L$100, and that kinda makes me feel as if someone is trying to rip me off, no matter if I actually want the item or not. They promote it as free, yet I am supposed to pay for it, even if L$100 isn't that much in RL currency.

Ok, rant over. Sorry, but I just had to say this before finishing this post with the breakdown of my doll avatar:

hair: Crimson + Clover - Vian - Crimson -- L$ 1 (still available at Savoir Hair)
skin: [XYR] - Veronica Doll Skin - Joints -- free (comes with a shape, but I used my own)
eyes: [ROLY-POLY] - Glass Eyes - charcoal -- free
makeup: REPULSE - Bloody Tears III -- free
choker: INCA TEMPLE - *Captured Heart* barbed wire choker -- free
dress: ~Black Arts~ - Lilith -- free
socks: edge grafica - knee-high socks - white -- free
shoes: Curious Kitties - Simple Black Dolly Shoe -- free

pose: La Malvada Mujer - free
The picture was taken at Pandemonium @ Legion

The whole avatar cost me L$ 1 which leaves me with L$119 for now.

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