Introducing my other selves... Part 1: Theodore

May I introduce you to Theodoré? He is a distant cousin of mine, from the Canadian part of the family. The Constantines are a large family and I've only met a couple of my distant relatives so far. It was a pleasant surprise when I learned, Theodoré moved into town. He's a couple years older than me, but still studying, more or less. It seems, he keeps himself busy with other things than his books most of the time. He nevertheless accepted to help me and my little blog out whenever I need a male model. I hope, we will see more of him and learn a bit more about his life in future posts.

While Theory is quite able to pull off a tomboyish look, I figured it would be nice to have a male model for the blog as well. Good free or cheap items for men are quite rare, so I think it is worth to feature them.

The new group gift from Belleza came in quite handy. Joining the group isn't free, but enables you to pick up several male and female skins of great quality, so it is worth every L$! I guess, the new Ashton skin will be all over the blogs right now, but I just love this mature, masculine look and created a custom shape that hopefully does it justice. Theodoré was born.
He is different from the average male in SecondLife. First of all, he has a realistic body size, he is 1.92 m (6'3"), which makes him look tiny compared to most avatars, male or female. Secondly, I tried to make sure he is handsome, but not "perfect". His face is a tad bit asymmetric. He also has a slight stomach and a hint of body fat, instead of being either thin as a needle or consisting of nothing but muscles. This may might it harder to fit attachments to his shape, but at least in my book, he looks more realistic and likeable this way. I'm going for a well-kept look with rough edges on purpose. And of course, I'm going to stick to the general nerdy theme as well. I hope you like Theodoré, all I know is, I do.

For his basic look, I ignored my shopping limit, and I am not going to count it against my budget either.

To get a "feeling" for this character, I put together two different outfits, mostly from current hunt gifts and freebies. The second MENstuff hunt is only going on for about another week, but the new MENstuff lounge features permanent gifts from a lot of designers that are in the hunt as well. In order to be able to pick up both hunt and lounge gifts, you have to be a member of the MENstuff group, but joining the group is free.
I also just love the I <3 My Jeans from Acid & Mala. They look great, both on girls and guys and the sculpted bottom parts match the texture layers very well.
[ hoorenbeek] just released new gifts for their subscribo-group members. You have to be on the subscribo for at least 14 days to be able to receive the gifts.

I should add, I tinted the hair and modded it slightly to match the skin's hairbase, instead of using the tattoo layer one.

Theodoré's basic style card:

Shape: custom
Skin: -Belleza- - Ashton Medium GG Hair (chest hair) -- group gift, L$250 to join
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_PROMISE ~ brown 7 -- former hunt gift
Hair: Jaryth's - Clipper Cuts - Sebastian - Grey -- MENstuff 2 hunt, free
Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Ceres 1.0 -- L$ 400
Ear stud: [1st Act] - Squall Leonhart - earring -- free, featured in my last post

Casual outfit:

Open shirt: *FIR & MNA* - Beckett Shirt -- MENstuff Lounge, free
Checkered shirt: sf design - check shirt -- MENstuff 2 hunt, free
Jeans: Acid & Mala - I <3 my jeans - Grime -- group gift, L$ 10 joining fee
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] - Pro Boots - Bordeaux -- SOM gift, free

Preppy outfit:

Jumper: Alphamale - Preppy V-Neck -- MENstuff 2 hunt gift, free
Jeans: Acid & Mala - I <3 my jeans - Dark Blue -- Depraved Summer Nights Hunt, free
Shoes: HOC Industries -  Skoochers 2 -- L$ 30

I used my friend's photo studio, poses used are from *EverGlow*, :snooky's: and BeScene. (all of them former hunt gifts, as far as I could tell. I couldn't track down Tristan Shuffle's store :snoOky's:, the Picks in the creator's profile lead to different shops or empty places).

Since I decided to "cheat" a bit in order to get Theodoré just right, I still have L$ 119 left for shopping.

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