OotW 09 / 2011 - Rock n Roll Mouse

Outfit of the Week 09 / 2011
This Outfit of the Week is just for fun, but very cute at the same time, I think.
Today, I'd like to start with the bottom. I just looove the new country wedges from HOC Industries. The texture detail is amazing and you can select from several colours for both the shoes and the metal buckles with a nifty HUD. They also come with a resizer script, but are modify as well. This also means you can remove all the scripts, once you are done customising them to match your current outfit (make sure you make a copy of the shoes first!). It greatly helps reduce lag and you can wear these fantastic shoes even to crowded placed without them being a burden to sim performance or your conscience.
The cute polka dot dress I am wearing was a gift from salire for the Black Butler Hunt. It has a nicely sculpted skirt and the top also has sculpted parts. Everything is resize scripted, but the scripts are removable.
Now, without the hood from soupizm, this would be a just neat little 50s retro outfit, but I think, the mouse ears really add some flavour to it. I like the brown hair with red streaks a lot, too. The mouse hood with hair is a collaboration item between soup and izm and was a free lucky board gift. Sadly, it is no longer available, but they have other cute animal hoodies at their collaboration store, located between both mainstores.


Hair: soupizm - Mouse hood hair -- Lucky Board gift (no longer available)
Dress: salire - BBH dress -- Black Butler Hunt gift
Shoes: HOC Industries - Country Wedges -- L$ 175 (*)

The photo was taken at the artilleri sim.

(*) review copy

This fun outfit didn't cost me anything and I still have L$ 109 left.


OotW 08 / 2011 - A day off...

Today I took a day off and decided to visit the island of Roche.
It is sparesly populated and the few buildings scattered across the island have a worn and weatherbeaten look to them. The local bakery (seen in the background) also runs a free bike rental service for tourists. I took a stroll down to the lake instead and had a charming picnic, accompanied only by a few sheep who did not take any interest in me at all.

Time flew by as I lay idle, reading a cheesy novel instead of medical textbooks for a change, and way too soon it was time to return home. Not willing to accept this beautiful day was over already, I kicked off my shoes, sat down at the pier and watched as the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon.

For this week's outfit, I chose a light, feminine look. Both the light pink shirt and the pumps are from Berries Inc. The lovely, elegant Belinda pumps are the current Lazy Sunday item, each pair is only L$ 60!
I combined both with a pair of white capris, that were part of a former group gift from Cilian'gel. I don't think, it is still available, but Cilia Shepherd always has a little something for her group members up her sleeve and a large selection of outfits for just L$ 10.
The white hoodie jacket from Grixdale was free for the SLB8 celebrations for a very limited time. They are available in different colours for L$150 each. I'm also wearing my old favourite necklace from Bare@Rose, which I blogged here. I think this is a very versatile look, somewhere between classy and casual.

As usual, here is an overview of my outfit:

Hoodie: Grixdale - My Sunshiney Hoodie - Pure -- free for SL8B
Shirt: Berries Inc. - Basic Shirt - Rose -- L$ 110 (*)
Capris: Cilian'gel -  Got my heart? -- group gift, L$ 10 joining fee
Pumps: Berries Inc. - Belinda - choco -- L$ 60 (*)

(*) review copies

The pictures were taken at Roche and my home, poses used belonged to the picnic table and fishing pier.

I actually joined the Cilian'gel group ages ago, but the fee is L$10 and I shall count them against my shopping limit. I have L$ 109 for now.


Introducing my other selves... Part 1: Theodore

May I introduce you to Theodoré? He is a distant cousin of mine, from the Canadian part of the family. The Constantines are a large family and I've only met a couple of my distant relatives so far. It was a pleasant surprise when I learned, Theodoré moved into town. He's a couple years older than me, but still studying, more or less. It seems, he keeps himself busy with other things than his books most of the time. He nevertheless accepted to help me and my little blog out whenever I need a male model. I hope, we will see more of him and learn a bit more about his life in future posts.

While Theory is quite able to pull off a tomboyish look, I figured it would be nice to have a male model for the blog as well. Good free or cheap items for men are quite rare, so I think it is worth to feature them.

The new group gift from Belleza came in quite handy. Joining the group isn't free, but enables you to pick up several male and female skins of great quality, so it is worth every L$! I guess, the new Ashton skin will be all over the blogs right now, but I just love this mature, masculine look and created a custom shape that hopefully does it justice. Theodoré was born.
He is different from the average male in SecondLife. First of all, he has a realistic body size, he is 1.92 m (6'3"), which makes him look tiny compared to most avatars, male or female. Secondly, I tried to make sure he is handsome, but not "perfect". His face is a tad bit asymmetric. He also has a slight stomach and a hint of body fat, instead of being either thin as a needle or consisting of nothing but muscles. This may might it harder to fit attachments to his shape, but at least in my book, he looks more realistic and likeable this way. I'm going for a well-kept look with rough edges on purpose. And of course, I'm going to stick to the general nerdy theme as well. I hope you like Theodoré, all I know is, I do.

For his basic look, I ignored my shopping limit, and I am not going to count it against my budget either.

To get a "feeling" for this character, I put together two different outfits, mostly from current hunt gifts and freebies. The second MENstuff hunt is only going on for about another week, but the new MENstuff lounge features permanent gifts from a lot of designers that are in the hunt as well. In order to be able to pick up both hunt and lounge gifts, you have to be a member of the MENstuff group, but joining the group is free.
I also just love the I <3 My Jeans from Acid & Mala. They look great, both on girls and guys and the sculpted bottom parts match the texture layers very well.
[ hoorenbeek] just released new gifts for their subscribo-group members. You have to be on the subscribo for at least 14 days to be able to receive the gifts.

I should add, I tinted the hair and modded it slightly to match the skin's hairbase, instead of using the tattoo layer one.

Theodoré's basic style card:

Shape: custom
Skin: -Belleza- - Ashton Medium GG Hair (chest hair) -- group gift, L$250 to join
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_PROMISE ~ brown 7 -- former hunt gift
Hair: Jaryth's - Clipper Cuts - Sebastian - Grey -- MENstuff 2 hunt, free
Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Ceres 1.0 -- L$ 400
Ear stud: [1st Act] - Squall Leonhart - earring -- free, featured in my last post

Casual outfit:

Open shirt: *FIR & MNA* - Beckett Shirt -- MENstuff Lounge, free
Checkered shirt: sf design - check shirt -- MENstuff 2 hunt, free
Jeans: Acid & Mala - I <3 my jeans - Grime -- group gift, L$ 10 joining fee
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] - Pro Boots - Bordeaux -- SOM gift, free

Preppy outfit:

Jumper: Alphamale - Preppy V-Neck -- MENstuff 2 hunt gift, free
Jeans: Acid & Mala - I <3 my jeans - Dark Blue -- Depraved Summer Nights Hunt, free
Shoes: HOC Industries -  Skoochers 2 -- L$ 30

I used my friend's photo studio, poses used are from *EverGlow*, :snooky's: and BeScene. (all of them former hunt gifts, as far as I could tell. I couldn't track down Tristan Shuffle's store :snoOky's:, the Picks in the creator's profile lead to different shops or empty places).

Since I decided to "cheat" a bit in order to get Theodoré just right, I still have L$ 119 left for shopping.


Squall vs. Lightning, Theory wins

Theory vs. Ion
It has probably been through all the blogs that 1st Act are having a simwide hunt, but being the geek I am, I couldn't resist to write my own post about it.
The prizes are four full avatars of popular video game characters: Big Boss and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid (not shown) and Squall and Lightning from Final Fantasy. Lightning is the only female character, but all of them are very well-made, with lots of detail and come as full avatars, including outfits, shape, skin, hair, eyes and even some gestures. Each box also includes an updater card that allows you to get future updates of the avatars.
To get the avatars, you have to pick up a HUD at the 1st Act mainstore and wear it (there is one HUD for each of the avatars). Each HUD needs to be filled with seven shards. When you click an empty shard on the HUD, you will receive a hint where to find it and in which area of the sim (the store, the city or the wasteland). Use the teleporters in the mainstore to get down to the city and wasteland. When you have found the item the hint leads to, you have to click it and it will spawn a shard you have to click to collect. Once you have found all the shards, you will receive a teleport back to the store where you can pick up your prize. The hunt was really fun and not too hard. Despite the sim being packed with people, the scripts worked very well and I didn't have any trouble at all. Just make sure you wear only one HUD at a time when collecting the avatars.

The picture shows me dressed up as Lightning (using my own shape, skin, eyes and tattoos) and Corvus Szpiegel's character Ion dressed up as Squall (using his own shape, skin, eyes and hair). We fooled around a bit with poses and came up with this. It reminded me a bit of classical fighting games like Street Fighter 2, and I tried *coughs* to add a bit of a game interface to the picture. And no worries, I didn't hurt him.

The breakdown is very short this time:

On Theory: 1st Act - Lightning -- free hunt gift
On Ion: 1st Act - Squall -- free hunt gift

Pose: [Lyndz-Matic] - Wipeout -- L$ 120 (we used Corv's poseballs)

Everything was free (for me) and I still have L$ 119 left.


OotW 07 / 2011 - DOLLarbie

Outfit of the Week 07 / 2011
Please excuse the pun. I'm quite excited today, though, both because this really cute doll avatar cost me just a dollar (as in L$ 1), and because I finally managed to do something different than my more or less nerdy casual style.
As you can see in the picture, I'm a bit exhausted by now. Hunting for the outfit was easy enough, but finding a good spot for the photo wasn't, especially since I am currently experimenting with Firestorm. The beta is a lot more stable than the preview version, but I crashed several times before I was able to take this pic. I won't complain, though, since it is still beta.

Now to the outfit. The hair is from Crimson + Clover. As far as I know, the store sadly closed inworld a while ago, but some of her stuff is still available on the marketplace and this hairdo is can be found in two shades of red for a mere L$ 1 at Savoir Hair. For those of you who are not familiar with the place: a lot of hair designers offer a sample of their products there, either for free or L$1. It's perfect for new residents to get legit, quality hair and there are a lot of styles to chose from. One hint about the hair: it has a ton of scripts in it you don't need. Let Tools->Remove Scripts in Selection run over it a couple times to get rid of them. The rest of the outfit is actually from the Marketplace. If you scroll down on the marketplace main page, then click on "Best Selling Products", enter 0 and 0 (zero, null) into the text fields for price range and click on "Refine Search", you will get a selection of the most popular items that are entirely free! Some of it might be land listings and you will sure see a lot of demos, but there are some real gems there, too!

Ahem... rant ahead:
The lowest predefined price range is L$0-10, and I've seen a lot of people call these "freebies", but personally, I refuse to call anything free that isn't. Maybe I'm just weird that way. It's not that I mind to pay for a nice item, cheapie or not, but if it's not free, don't call it freebie, please. I've seen so called freebies for up to L$100, and that kinda makes me feel as if someone is trying to rip me off, no matter if I actually want the item or not. They promote it as free, yet I am supposed to pay for it, even if L$100 isn't that much in RL currency.

Ok, rant over. Sorry, but I just had to say this before finishing this post with the breakdown of my doll avatar:

hair: Crimson + Clover - Vian - Crimson -- L$ 1 (still available at Savoir Hair)
skin: [XYR] - Veronica Doll Skin - Joints -- free (comes with a shape, but I used my own)
eyes: [ROLY-POLY] - Glass Eyes - charcoal -- free
makeup: REPULSE - Bloody Tears III -- free
choker: INCA TEMPLE - *Captured Heart* barbed wire choker -- free
dress: ~Black Arts~ - Lilith -- free
socks: edge grafica - knee-high socks - white -- free
shoes: Curious Kitties - Simple Black Dolly Shoe -- free

pose: La Malvada Mujer - free
The picture was taken at Pandemonium @ Legion

The whole avatar cost me L$ 1 which leaves me with L$119 for now.


OotW 06 / 2011 - Longing for Summer

Outfit of the Week 06 / 2011
Hey folks! I know it's been a while. I couldn't spend as much time on the grid as I wanted to.
But here I am, with a new budget-friendly outfit. It's more summery than the local weather would allow - all we get is humidity and thunderstorms and rather chilly mornings. Hence I am still wearing long jeans and even donned a scarf, which looks quite glamourous along with my sunglasses, and of course the big summer hat with wavy blonde hair by Kletva. I discovered this store through my recent visit at The Dressing Room BLUE. Even if blonde usually isn't my colour, I fell in love with this hairstyle the instant I saw it. The Heidi top is from Berries Inc. and again a bit unusual for me, but I like to show my girly side, too!
With this slightly vintage look I could easily mingle with all the wannabe top models and film stars around... ha, as if I wanted to! Instead, I took a relaxing stroll along the beach below the village of Verdigris. The quaint village, nestled on a cliff and a bridge, with its small shops is well worth a visit, just as the pier on the other side of the sim and the bay below the bridge, where I stopped to take my picture.

Here's the breakdown of today's outfit:

hair: KLETVA - Joss/Blond/Super Summer -- L$ 70 (The Dressing Room BLUE)
scarf: Adjunct - Check Snood Scarf -- L$ 10 (Marketplace)
sunglasses - [Gos] - Cateye Bizarre - former hunt gift (Zombie Popcorn 3)
top: Berries Inc. - Heidi top sand/white -- L$ 90 (*)
jeans: Luck inc. - Tyra Jeans Starlet Wash Dark Blue -- former hunt gift (Cover My Furry Butt)
flats: +mocha+ - Trad Style of Japan [Temari] -- former hunt gift (The Tea Hunt)

pose: !bang - Cuz It Rhymes -- former lucky chair gift, seems no longer available

(*) review copy

The picture was taken at Verdigris.

This leaves me with L$120 - I'm still not increasing my budget for being so lazy recently.


OotW 05 / 2011 - Fade to Casual

Yesss, I'm still here! I promise, I will try to catch up over the next few days.

"Fade to grey" would have been a little too obvious as a title for this post, but it's not easy to make a mostly grey piece stand out. Summse Sands of Berries Inc. kindly sent me a review copy of her latest release - very casual, yet cute hoodie jackets. There are five different colours available: khaki, sand, grey/blue, grey/white and the grey/pink one I am wearing.
The hoodies come on all layers and with sculpted, unscripted prim attachments for the hood, the sleeve cuffs, and the bottom. I really love the cute details on the bottom part, the pockets, pull strings and the small ribbon that's typical for many Berries Inc. products.
The second picture shows the sculpted hood and the back side of the bottom, which has a really nice, loose look.

This outfit is very typical for me. Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers (not shown), and I just threw on the hoodie jacket, because it is still too chilly to run around in short sleeves. It's very comfy and practical, something not too many people in SL care about, I guess, but for me it is important.

As far as I can tell, neither the jeans by vive9, nor the octopus shirt by [name pending] are still available. The shirt was a gift for the Make Him Over 4 hunt and is one of my personal favourites for it's geeky goodness.

I am planning to show you some other sides of me very soon, since you have now seen quite a bit of my usual style. Still waters run deep.

I have been debating with myself whether to count review copies against my weekly budget, but finally decided against it. On the one hand, I want to show what you can do with as little money as possible in SL, without cheating. But on the other hand, I might not always be able to post straight away when I receive something to review, and it would be frustrating for the designers, my readers and me to wait until I have "saved" enough money to actually afford the item I didn't pay for in the first place.

The breakdown of this outfit is rather short:

hoodie: Berries Inc. - Hoodie - grey/pink -- L$ 130 (*)
jeans: vive9 - Becca Jeans -- n/a (old gift)
t-shirt: [name pending] - Octopus tee -- n/a (MHO4 hunt gift)

(*) review copy

Poses are from my AO and the pictures were taken at a friend's home.

Since I've been so lazy posting, I will not increase my budget until I have caught up. I still have L$ 200 left to shop.


Week 05 / 2011 - Theory's new clothes...

Theory's new skin - face
Here is the post you have all been waiting for! Well, at least I have. The last few weeks before starting this blog, I have been looking for a new skin, but couldn't find any, that met my requirements both in looks and quality. As you may have noticed, my shape is different from what the "standard" girl in SL looks like. Hey, don't get me wrong, you're all pretty! But it simply wouldn't be me.
I tested a lot of beautiful skins that didn't fit my shape, and I found one with a pretty face but horrible seam matching and was, despite of the quality, rather pricey.
At the time I made my new profile picture and opened this blog, I had given up on finding something that would suit me. Only a couple days later, however, I saw a girl with an absolutely stunning skin. A bit of research later, I found myself at The Plastik. where I tried several demos of the Lionheart skin series until I settled for Myth as a colour and the bare make-up option (which still has some heavy, but pretty eyeliner).
Theory's new skin - back

It took me some consideration to spend L$ 999 on a skin, but I was very positively surprised when I opened the box. One makeup option contains not one, but eight different skins - four face options in two body shade definitions. I'm only showing the bare option in high definition in these pictures, but you get freckles and two types of blush, too. The box also contains matching elven ears for both definition types and eight set of eyes for mythical creatures. I am not an elf or faun, but both ears and eyes are very pretty as well and I might show them in a future post.

Now you know what I have been saving my budget for, and I don't regret it at all. This new skin seems like a more refined version of my avatar.

The only new item featured in this post is the new skin:

skin: The Plastik. - Lionheart HiDef - Myth - Bare:Bare

pose 1: Hot Dolphin Love - MHO4 hunt gift
pose 2: Glitterati - Breast Cancer Awareness 2 (L$ 0)

I used my friend's photostudio again.

After buying the skin, I have L$ 200 left.


Week 04 / 2011 - It's hunting season, part 2

Outfit of the Week 04-2011
(read part 1 here)

I couldn't resist to put together another outfit consisting mostly of gifts from The Seasons Hunt. There are just too many hunt gifts I really love. My apologies to all the designers I haven't featured here! It doesn't mean I don't like your stuff, it was just too much to choose from.
After digging through the folders of hunt gifts, I ended up with this look. The untamed hairstyle by [Shag] is rather unusual for me, but we all have to push our limits every once in a while. It goes really well with the hair band by *un Jour* and it has antlers, too!

While I usually stick to my geeky spectacles, I kind of collect all kinds of glasses or goggles (especially if they are free or cheap, of course). These are a instore gift from Berries Inc. and accentuate this crazy look perfectly.
In case you didn't know, Berries Inc. is having a sale! They are retiring some of their older items, which have been placed on a flea market just outside the mainstore. Every item there is L$ 45 and will be gone forever after January 31st!

Speaking of sales, but totally unrelated to this post and outfit... the L$ 100 sale at Nomine ends this Friday (well, my eyes are, and I have loads of other stuff from there as well)!

Now back to the outfit. The face tattoo by Pididdle makes your nose and cheeks look red from cold and the lips chapped. It adds a really cute touch to every wintery look!
The cosy short coat from +KiiToS!!+ keeps me warm at all these snowy sims out there and it looks just great. All the prim parts fit perfectly, too, and go very well with my AO. There is also a male version in the box. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it looks just as great on guys! FYI: +KiiToS+ will be rebranding to pivaaca in February.
Just like the hair band, the olive trousers by [Young Urban] add a subtle touch of colour to my otherwise very brownish outfit. They are unisex and come on both underpants and pants layers and with sculpted pant legs (not shown), which is great, I love to wear layered looks. Dear designers, I know all of you are busy, but it doesn't take that long to put your textures on different layers and name them properly! It really, really helps people to combine your stuff with other things to create a unique look! This little extra effort is part of what makes me come back to a store.
I don't think I have to say much about the unisex worker boots from the lucky chairs at :::Urban Warehouse:::, other than that they are fantastic. They add just the right bit of rough, edgy touch that I need to make this outfit "me". They have four texture options, brown or black, with or without paint splatters and they also come with an alpha layer for v2 and compatible viewers. And they are going to be removed from the luckies within the next 24 hours!

Before I come to the usual breakdown of the outfit, I have a bit of random oddness for you. After my last posting, I popped over to Kumaki to check if the headphones are still on the lucky board - they are - and saw something that really made me laugh.

I guess the lucky boards meant me! Sadly nerd doesn't spell with a T.

Here's the overview of the items I am wearing:

hair: [Shag]- Sylph - kitten -- TSH gift
hair band: un Jour - Le Calmant -- TSH gift
glasses: Berries Inc. - silly goggles -- free instore gift
face tattoo: Pididdle - Chapped lips & Cheeks.Nose -- TSH gift
coat: +KiiToS!!+ Classic Coat -- TSH gift
pants: [Young Urban] - Norfolk Pants Olive -- TSH gift
boots: :::Urban Warehouse::: - worker boots -- lucky chair gift

The pose is also from Pididdle and the picture was taken at a friend's photo studio.

The lucky boards picture was taken at the Kumaki mainstore.

 This outfit was entirely free and I now have L$ 949 to spend! I also have a good idea for what I am going to use the money, but since I am up do date now with this posting, you will have to wait a little while... see you next week!


Week 03 / 2011 - It's hunting season

Outfit of the Week 03-2011
Winter is not yet over in SecondLife and I got pretty cold during my first shopping adventure. So I decided to finish it by doing The Seasons Hunt. I did not only find many warm and cosy clothes and accessoires, but also very nice furniture. There were so many great gifts from awesome designers, it was really hard to decide which ones to show. Again, I opted for a comfy casual look.

The hunt ends on January 29th, hurry if you haven't done it, yet! 

Oh, btw, since this is my first post about a treasure hunt: I will never give out exact hunt locations in this blog! For me, hunting is a fun pastime and I really don't want to spoil it for others, who see it the same way.

Back home, I retreated to the Winterborn Skybox, which is a TSH gift from Concrete Flowers. After I had made myself at home (and a nice cup of hot tea), I flung myself into a comfy chair, pulled out my headphones and relaxed to some good tunes, ignoring both my cellphone and the piles and piles of books I have to study.

In SecondLife, I roleplay as a student of medicine (amongst other things), so I spend a lot of time studying or researching at my laboratory - when I am not roaming the grid, doing treasure hunts, searching for freebies and great deals, of course.

outfit, from bottom to top, as I am lying upside down:
headphones: Kumaki - StepNote_Pink Kamo nabe -- free, lucky board
scarf: ::SplitPea:: - It's So Cold -- TSH gift
top: Ingenue - Ever After Cardigan -- TSH gift
jeans: Doppelganger Inc. - Frost Jeans -- TSH gift
boots: duboo - achoo set -- TSH gift

also in the picture:
skybox: Concrete Flowers - Winterborn Skybox -- TSH gift
rug: :: rucott :: - Rag winter-- TSH gift
armchair: :: Awesome Blossom :: - Oversized Knit Chair -- TSH gift
table: [North West] - Seasons Little Slate Table (winter scene) -- TSH gift
wreath: butterdish - starry wreath -- TSH gift
decoration: [.nordari.] winterized memories. -- TSH gift
radiator: [kusshon] - "best friend" radiator-to-go -- TSH gift
desk: [Magic Nook] - Study Hard! -- free
cup and cellphone: -- [LostHaven] Roleplay Survival Props -- L$ 1

The picture was taken in the Winterborn Skybox by Concrete flowers at my home and the pose is from the chair by Awesome Blossom.

After spending L$ 1 on the roleplay props, I have L$ 699 left.

Week 02 / 2011 - Back to the... 80s

Outfit of the Week 02-2011
Here's my post for calendar week 2, I am slowly catching up. I tried hard to put something together that has not been featured on other blogs over and over again recently. I almost succeeded and ended up with a very casual and slightly punkish 80s look I quite like.
It reminds me of my very early days in SL, which I spent as a little punk brat.

For punks, hair in particular, Black Maria is one of the best places to shop. All their older hairstyles are free on the upper floor of the store, along with some other non-hair goodies. They come in a variety of mostly bright colours, some tipped, some not and in all kinds of punk styles. I stocked up my inventory there with plenty of hair for all my punk and cyberpunk looks. The free hairbase tattoo from Arcavim finishes the punkish touch nicely.
The necklace is a lucky board prize at Kittenish, I've had it for some time now, but I checked today and it is still available.
One of my latest discoveries is the classic "I <3 NY" t-shirt, which is a free group gift from :::Coy:ott::: at the Urban Warehouse. The sculpted parts fit my rather short and slim shape perfectly, but are modifyable, just in case. Urban Warehouse also has very cool worker boots in their lucky chairs and another free shirt for group members.

Rings and nails were the Kozmetika opening gift from [Virtual/ Insanity] and come in many different hand sizes, with or without nails. I am somewhat of a gamer nerd, so I really like the pac man on the ring fingers, and it fits my 80s look, too.
The jeans are from ::Maschienenwerk::. I don't think I have to say much about this place. They have so many great freebies to choose from! While most of their items are aimed at a male audience - which is great, because there aren't as many good freebies for guys as for girls - many will fit us girls, too, with some tweaking (prim parts are either resize scripted or modifyable).
And, last but not least, the classic sneakers, which may not be exactly 80s, but I really love them. They are a free group gift at [ JP ]:dsg. and come in white (shown), black and brown.

From top to bottom:
hair: Black Maria - Ruby 02 Pink (2) -- free
hairbase tattoo: Arcavim - Crescent 50% -- free at KMadd (TP to freebie corner from the landing point)
necklace: =^K^= Kittenish - The Caged Heart - Golden Cage -- free (lucky board prize)
t-shirt: :::Coy:ott::: - I luv NY -- free (group gift, join for L$ 0)
bangles: Sn@tch - No. 9 (Skulls & Metal) -- discontinued
bracelets: Sn@tch - Jeweled Cuff -- discontinued
rings/nails: [Virtual/Insanity] - Game/Over Rings & Nails 20 -- free (opening gift at Kozmetika)
jeans: ::Maschienenwerk:: - Zeitzone Jeans -- free
shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. - [Unique's] >>Chelsea<< -- free (group gift, join for L$ 0)

The pictures were taken at the [ JP ]:dsg. sim, which is a great place to shop and explore, and the pose is, once more, from my AO.

The whole outfit was completely free, which boosts my current shopping budget to L$ 450!


Week 01 / 2011 - At the bus stop

Outfit of the Week 01-2011

Here I am, at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere, ready to start my shopping adventure. For this first outfit I went for a really casual look. 
The necklace from Bare@Rose is one of my oldest items, but I still wear it frequently, and all attempts to replace it with something more recent have failed so far - I always tend to go back to it.
The t-shirt is still available at the [hate this] lucky boards and has been one of my favourites for quite a while now. 
The comfy sneakers might be among the earlier works of the fabulous Guu Nishi from HOC Industries, but their great fit and looks, many colour options and the low price make them a 'must have' that goes well with lots and lots of casual and sporty looks, modern to retro. Guu is giving away all her oldie items for free, before she will remove them for good. Don't hesitate and pay a visit to HOC Industries now, before the goodies are gone!
The jeans are part of a free outfit from Ivanka Akina. It comes with a shirt, belt and three pairs of jeans with sculpted legs. Soon after I had bought it on the marketplace, these jeans found their way into my folders of frequently used clothes.
Another more recent discovery, finishing my look for today, is the belt & bag from the [BUKKA] subscribe-o-matic.
From top to bottom:
necklace: B@R 10L Shop - B@R Phantom Crystal Necklace -- L$ 10
t-shirt: [hate this] - lucky bamboo female -- free, lucky board
bracelet: [Warmth18] - FREE Wristband -- n/a (store is closed)
belt/bag: [BUKKA] - Leather bag -- free, SOM
jeans: Ivanka Akina - hipster jeans 2 -- free
sneakers: HOC Industries - Bolts Sneakers -- L$ 40
The picture was taken at The Mother Road and the pose is from my AO (Oracul/Kuso - Mr. Smart for female shapes).

I spent L$ 50 on this outfit, which leaves me with L$ 200 for further adventures, a great way to start in my book!

My blogging philosophy

First of all, I started this blog merely for fun and to share things (especially clothes and accessoires) in SecondLife I personally like and enjoy. So, this is a blog about things I like and not a blog to promote any specific designers (maybe with a few exceptions for close friends).

My goal is to put together at least one outfit a week on a budget of L$250.
If I don't spend it all in one week, it will enable me to save up for more expensive items.

While I would really appreciate review copies from designers, I cannot guarantee to feature them.

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hello, I am Theory Constantine. I have been roaming the virtual worlds of SecondLife for quite some time now and have decided to casually blog about my life on the grid. Just like many other girls, I enjoy visiting the many stores in SecondLife, and while I usually prefer more casual looks, I am not bound to a certain style.
I have decided to limit myself to a budget of L$ 250 a week for this blog, and I will try to put together at least one outfit a week from freebies I gathered, new things I bought and some favourites from my inventory (which may or may not be still available).
Here's my latest profile picture, and basic style card of my avatar:

Shape: custom (don't ask, I'm not giving it away or selling it)
Skin: [42] impact_03 neutral with matching hairbase/eyebrows (n/a)
Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - owl -- L$ 100
Hair: Magika - Layne (Mirrored) -- L$ 199
Glasses: Solar Eyewear - Arae -- L$ 245
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Wired Garden 2.0 -- L$250
Piercings: Lunalicious - B@R 10L Shop - Titanium Lip Rings (Triple) -- L$ 10
T-Shirt: [hate this] - otaku female -- L$ 49