OotW 05 / 2011 - Fade to Casual

Yesss, I'm still here! I promise, I will try to catch up over the next few days.

"Fade to grey" would have been a little too obvious as a title for this post, but it's not easy to make a mostly grey piece stand out. Summse Sands of Berries Inc. kindly sent me a review copy of her latest release - very casual, yet cute hoodie jackets. There are five different colours available: khaki, sand, grey/blue, grey/white and the grey/pink one I am wearing.
The hoodies come on all layers and with sculpted, unscripted prim attachments for the hood, the sleeve cuffs, and the bottom. I really love the cute details on the bottom part, the pockets, pull strings and the small ribbon that's typical for many Berries Inc. products.
The second picture shows the sculpted hood and the back side of the bottom, which has a really nice, loose look.

This outfit is very typical for me. Jeans, t-shirt, sneakers (not shown), and I just threw on the hoodie jacket, because it is still too chilly to run around in short sleeves. It's very comfy and practical, something not too many people in SL care about, I guess, but for me it is important.

As far as I can tell, neither the jeans by vive9, nor the octopus shirt by [name pending] are still available. The shirt was a gift for the Make Him Over 4 hunt and is one of my personal favourites for it's geeky goodness.

I am planning to show you some other sides of me very soon, since you have now seen quite a bit of my usual style. Still waters run deep.

I have been debating with myself whether to count review copies against my weekly budget, but finally decided against it. On the one hand, I want to show what you can do with as little money as possible in SL, without cheating. But on the other hand, I might not always be able to post straight away when I receive something to review, and it would be frustrating for the designers, my readers and me to wait until I have "saved" enough money to actually afford the item I didn't pay for in the first place.

The breakdown of this outfit is rather short:

hoodie: Berries Inc. - Hoodie - grey/pink -- L$ 130 (*)
jeans: vive9 - Becca Jeans -- n/a (old gift)
t-shirt: [name pending] - Octopus tee -- n/a (MHO4 hunt gift)

(*) review copy

Poses are from my AO and the pictures were taken at a friend's home.

Since I've been so lazy posting, I will not increase my budget until I have caught up. I still have L$ 200 left to shop.