Subtle changes

During my absence from blogging, I haven't been entirely away from SL. There have been some more or less subtle changes to my avatar. Since most of the changes happened around my face, the previous post and picture didn't do them justice, which is why I didn't feature the creators of my new accessoires.

First of all, I adjusted the lips a bit for a more balanced look and to fit my new piercings from the :Hebenon Vial: more easily.
Like me, the store has been gone for a while, but I am glad to hear it returned only recently. I had been looking for ages for piercings that compliment my look, rather than dominate it. Hebenon Vial offers a wide selection of very well-made piercings in various styles and some color variations, next to tattoos, eyes and some accessoires.
My new lip piercings are accompanied by an ear piercing from LouLou&Co which I picked up as a hunt gift a while ago. Another version of the Utopia piercings is available for L$ 175 at the mainstore. The full version includes four variations that are slightly different from the hunt gift version. While I'm wearing just the piercings for the left ear, versions for both ears are included.

The most important change however are my new glasses from .:*December*:.. A thin metal frame has replaced the big plastic one I have been wearing for the last couple of years. It took me less time to get used to them than I thought it would. They show more of my face and eyes which I like a lot. And speaking of eyes, my eyes changed, too. I am now wearing a pair of mesh eyes from ~*By Snow*~. I bought them during the one voice event for L$ 50 and it looks like they are no longer available. At least I couldn't find them in the mainstore or on the marketplace. But ~*By Snow*~ offers a lot of eyes for very fair prices.

Today, I'm also wearing a short haircut called Early from [elikatira] and another cute mesh jumper from NS Cutie Shapes.

To fit better into mesh clothes, I had to reduce my curves a little bit, mostly my breast size and saddle sliders went down a few points for now, leaving me even skinnier and more tomboyish than before. But the changes have been very subtle, I have to admit.


Lip Piercing: the :Hebenon Vial: - Pitch Piercings [V.1] - L$ 130
Ear Piercing: Loulou&Co - Utopia Cube - previous hunt gift
Glasses: .:*December*:. - Glasses No.69 - L$ 250
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ - Deep Eyes MESH (Wheat) - L$ 50 (no longer available)
Hair: [elikatira] - Early - Black 04 (Essentials Collection) - L$ 250
Sweater: NS Cutie Shapes - Sweet Life Mesh Sweater - L$ 30 (*)

(*) review copy


OotW 10/2012 - Remember me?

Ohai! Remember me? I've been away for quite some time due to RL obligations. I guess, it is a little too late to wish you a happy new year, so I will get back on topic straight away - not least thanks to flexagons Villota from +mocha+, who kindly remembered me and sent me a generous review copy of the lovely new Sunny Color Skirts.

A lot has changed in SL since then, mesh has been introduced. And of course I have udpated my viewer accordingly. Like all new things, it took some time to get used to it. And I quickly discovered, my personal shape isn't very compatible to many mesh clothes out there. I will have to see what to do about it.
Luckily, the cute skirt fits like a glove, even when I move around. The Sunny Color Skirts are available in 5 bright, summery colours, black and white. The colour I am using for my outfit is [Mint], which goes very well with the kawaii mesh top from NS Cutie Shapes. I picked it up for free on the marketplace, but it costs L$30 now.
To round off today's mesh sweetness, I am wearing Magika's subscriber gift hair, which is also rigged mesh.

The Happy Flats from HOC aren't mesh, but still great and I like them a lot. They come with a HUD that offers lots of texture options.

Today's breakdown:

Hair: Magika - Subscribo Hair Gift - L$ 0 [rigged mesh]
Top: NS Cutie Shapes - NS:: Kawaii Mesh_Top - L$ 30 [rigged mesh]
 Skirt: +mocha+ - Sunny Color Skirt [Mint] - L$ 120 [rigged mesh] (*)
Shoes: HOC Industries - Flats Happy - 150L (*)

(*) review copy

Current budget: L$ 109