Week 05 / 2011 - Theory's new clothes...

Theory's new skin - face
Here is the post you have all been waiting for! Well, at least I have. The last few weeks before starting this blog, I have been looking for a new skin, but couldn't find any, that met my requirements both in looks and quality. As you may have noticed, my shape is different from what the "standard" girl in SL looks like. Hey, don't get me wrong, you're all pretty! But it simply wouldn't be me.
I tested a lot of beautiful skins that didn't fit my shape, and I found one with a pretty face but horrible seam matching and was, despite of the quality, rather pricey.
At the time I made my new profile picture and opened this blog, I had given up on finding something that would suit me. Only a couple days later, however, I saw a girl with an absolutely stunning skin. A bit of research later, I found myself at The Plastik. where I tried several demos of the Lionheart skin series until I settled for Myth as a colour and the bare make-up option (which still has some heavy, but pretty eyeliner).
Theory's new skin - back

It took me some consideration to spend L$ 999 on a skin, but I was very positively surprised when I opened the box. One makeup option contains not one, but eight different skins - four face options in two body shade definitions. I'm only showing the bare option in high definition in these pictures, but you get freckles and two types of blush, too. The box also contains matching elven ears for both definition types and eight set of eyes for mythical creatures. I am not an elf or faun, but both ears and eyes are very pretty as well and I might show them in a future post.

Now you know what I have been saving my budget for, and I don't regret it at all. This new skin seems like a more refined version of my avatar.

The only new item featured in this post is the new skin:

skin: The Plastik. - Lionheart HiDef - Myth - Bare:Bare

pose 1: Hot Dolphin Love - MHO4 hunt gift
pose 2: Glitterati - Breast Cancer Awareness 2 (L$ 0)

I used my friend's photostudio again.

After buying the skin, I have L$ 200 left.