OotW 10/2012 - Remember me?

Ohai! Remember me? I've been away for quite some time due to RL obligations. I guess, it is a little too late to wish you a happy new year, so I will get back on topic straight away - not least thanks to flexagons Villota from +mocha+, who kindly remembered me and sent me a generous review copy of the lovely new Sunny Color Skirts.

A lot has changed in SL since then, mesh has been introduced. And of course I have udpated my viewer accordingly. Like all new things, it took some time to get used to it. And I quickly discovered, my personal shape isn't very compatible to many mesh clothes out there. I will have to see what to do about it.
Luckily, the cute skirt fits like a glove, even when I move around. The Sunny Color Skirts are available in 5 bright, summery colours, black and white. The colour I am using for my outfit is [Mint], which goes very well with the kawaii mesh top from NS Cutie Shapes. I picked it up for free on the marketplace, but it costs L$30 now.
To round off today's mesh sweetness, I am wearing Magika's subscriber gift hair, which is also rigged mesh.

The Happy Flats from HOC aren't mesh, but still great and I like them a lot. They come with a HUD that offers lots of texture options.

Today's breakdown:

Hair: Magika - Subscribo Hair Gift - L$ 0 [rigged mesh]
Top: NS Cutie Shapes - NS:: Kawaii Mesh_Top - L$ 30 [rigged mesh]
 Skirt: +mocha+ - Sunny Color Skirt [Mint] - L$ 120 [rigged mesh] (*)
Shoes: HOC Industries - Flats Happy - 150L (*)

(*) review copy

Current budget: L$ 109

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